Tuck Everlasting Music Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Music from Tuck Everlasting
Subject Area: Music
Grade Level: 5-6th
Amount of time needed: 45-50 min
Objective/purpose: Students will be able to notice changes in music during film productions.  They will understand why different rhythms, tones, or volumes are used to make a scene more appealing.
My Personal Stake: This lesson is important, because it makes us conscience of why specific music is used in certain scenes in a movie.  This can help us better understand movies, and the way they affect our emotions.  This can also give us a better understanding of movie production.
Materials Needed:
·         Possibly a soundtrack (would make it easier) to the movie Tuck Everlasting.
·         A stereo/speakers to play the songs.
Introduction/connecting to students:  Why do film makers use music in their movies?  How can music affect our emotions during a movie?
Teaching/learning procedures:
·         Start the class out by asking the introduction questions (listed above).
·         Once the students have had an opportunity to say what they wanted, then I’ll explain that today we’re going to be listening to some of the music from Tuck Everlasting.
·         Next, one of the songs from the movie will be played while students are prompted to “listen closely.”
·         After each song is played students will be asked several questions, and given the opportunity to discuss in small groups (2 or 3 people, divided up however suitable.)
o   How did the song make you feel?
o   What are some emotions that the music brought up?
o   What scene do you think this song could have come from?
o   Are there other scenes that this song could have worked for? In another movie?
·         This same procedure will follow for the rest of the music.
Closure: The students will be given the opportunity to complete a short writing assignment (1/2 page) to be turned in the next day.  The question posed will be: Is there a song/songs that you would find suitable for Tuck Everlasting?  Why do you feel that these songs are suitable?
Assessment: Students will be given points for completing the writing assignment.