Adding and Subtracting Four to Five Digit Numbers Lesson Plan

Subject area: Mathematics                                          
Grade level: 3rd
MN math benchmark standard: Find 10,000 more or 10,000 less than a given five-digit number. Find 1000 more or 1000 less than a given four- or five-digit. Find 100 more or 100 less than a given four- or five-digit number.

Objectives: Students will be able to calculate and record numbers adding or subtracting from four to five-digit numbers.
Time to be used: 50 minutes

List of materials: Individual white boards for each students as well as markers and erasers. Access to a computer lab or reserve personal laptops for the whole class (Optional)

Teaching process:

Before the lesson: Teacher should get out the materials needed for the lesson. Start by reviewing up on the whiteboard four/five-digit numbers and their place values such as 1246 (1 is in the thousands, 2 in the hundreds, 4 in the tens, and 6 is in the ones place) Go over the example of 1000+10, lining the place values up on the board  . Have students then get out computers and go to the website: to practice their place value names for 10 minutes. Students should answer the questions provided on the website until they finish the quiz. Have students put away the computers and sit at their desks.
During the lesson: The teacher will pair students up in partners at their tables and  have them get out two white boards from the front of the room. The teacher should tell the partners that one of them will have to make up a five-digit number while the other one chooses to add 10,000 more or to subtract. The students will agree on the correct answer and then they will switch roles. After10 minutes rotate the students with a new partner and have them try with four-digit numbers together. Have one partner add or subtract 100 from the chosen number. When students are done with the activity have them put the whiteboards away and sit at their original seat for further instruction.
After the lesson: The teacher will ask the students if it’s important to line up the numbers by place value when adding or subtracting. Ask them why it would make a difference if we added them out of place. Show 2 examples with the class on the overhead such as 1000+30 and 30000+90. After the examples have the students start working on the assessment.

Assessment: Have students choose 5 of their own number problems, answering them on a notebook piece of paper and turn it in.

Closure: Today we learned how to add and subtract five-digit numbers but tomorrow we’ll try six digits numbers as a challenge.
Appendix: Place Value Interactive Online: