Earthquake Lesson Plan

Students will learn the basics of an earthquake and learn about the Red Cross during the kick-off day orientation.
·         Internet access for movie (
·         Whiteboard
·         PowerPoint with earthquake vocabulary words and pictures
·         Vocabulary worksheet (attatched)
1.      Students will go to the auditorium for an hour to learn about natural disasters as well as how the school can help people in need.
2.      Students will come back to homeroom and design posters on how we can help and hang them up around the school.
3.      Talk to the class about what they know or heard about earthquakes before; list them on the whiteboard.
4.      Play the PBS kids movie (10 minutes)
5.      Go over the PowerPoint of vocabulary words associated with earthquakes. Have students take notes on the provided handout.

Students will turn in their United States map with the correct coloring and hand in their earthquake research paragraphs.