The Animal Kingdom Resource Websites For Kids

This website is really great for students to go on because it is age level appropriate. It has pictures of animals and a bunch of useful facts and information about vertebrates/invertebrates. This website could be incorporated into the curriculum and have students write down interesting things they learn.
This website is fabulous for covering The Animal Kingdom unit in general. Students can go on it to search and read about all the different types of animals. When they click on a type of animal, it shows great pictures and tons of information about it.
This is a great resource for students doing this unit because it has a lot of videos and information of every animal we cover. For every animal, it has paragraphs of useful information, great pictures, and a video that lets students see the animal in motion.
This website is perfect for the lesson 3 of the unit which is endangered animals. It lists all the animals that are endangered as well as the location, status, and description of each one. This could really help students understand the importance of helping our wildlife today.