Creating Your Own Flag Art Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Creating Your Own Flag
Subject Area: Art
Grade Level: 6th
Amount of time needed: 50 minutes
·         Students will learn the design of the American flag and what each part means. Students will then get to design their own flag and share what each thing on their flag symbolizes.
Your personal Stake:
·         It’s good for students to know the history of the American flag. They should know that the flag isn’t just a flag but it is a symbol of our country and how our country started. Along with the Flag comes the Star-Spangled Banner which is our country’s song. They should also know the history of how the song came to be.
Materials needed:
·         Construction paper
·         Markers, crayons, paint
·         Scissors
·         The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key; edited by Ann Owen
·         5-6 sets of Pre-cut United States Flag
Introduction/connecting to students:
·         How many students know what the stars and stripes on the American flag stand for?
Teaching/Learning Procedures:
·         The teacher will read The Star-Spangled Banner to the class so that they can hear the words and gain some background knowledge of the song.
·         Once the teacher has read the book he/she will ask the students if they know what the American flag stands for.
·         The teacher will then explain each of the pieces of the flag.
·         After this the teacher will break students into small groups of 3 or 4 and give each of the groups a set of the flag that he/she has pre-cut. Students will work together to put the flag together.
·         The teacher will then allow the students to be creative and make their own flag symbolizing the important things in their lives.
·         Students who are willing will get to share their flags with the class, explaining what the things on their flag symbolize.
·         Students understand the meaning of a symbol and can tell about what their flags symbolize. If they do not want to share with the class they can write about what their flags symbolize.