Tuck Everlasting Literacy Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Tuck Everlasting Creative Writing in Literacy 

Subject Area: English

Grade Level: 6th

Flexible Groups:  Individual, and small group discussion

Amount of Time Needed: One class period of 50 minutes 

Objective/Purpose: Students will practice creative writing by re-writing sections of the book, and discussing cause and effect.

Your Personal Stake:

Materials Needed:
Compare and contrast dialogue
Tuck everlasting the book

Introduction/connecting to students: Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and wished it ended differently? If you were Winnie or Tuck in this book would you of made different choices? Today in class we have the opportunity to be creative and re-write a section of the book.

Teaching/learning procedures:  
Hand out compare and contrast sheet
Let students pick out of a hat a section of the book to re-write
Give an example of a section re-written.
Allow students ten minutes to brainstorm ideas
Ask the students how your section could change the ending of the book?

Have the students from groups of three-four and read out loud the section they re-wrote. They can also discuss the outcomes of the books by presenting to their group their compare and contrast sheet.

Assessment: The students will be assessed by the amount of detail and effort they put into their writing, and compare and contrast sheet.

Strategies to consider:
Play soft music from the time period in the background.
Present each group with a sheet of discussion questions.
Possibly allow more than one class period for this assignment.