Collecting and Interpreting Data Math Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Collecting and Interpreting Data
Subject Area:  Math
Grade Level: 6th
Amount of time needed: 60 minutes
·         Students will come up with a 3 question survey that has to do with something talked about in this unit. They will be broken up into small groups to do this. Students will learn to collect data and put it into a graph. Students will learn to compare and contrast.
Materials needed:
·         Surveys
Introduction/connecting to students:
Teaching/Learning Procedures:
·         Students will have been given time as a group to come up with a 3 question survey to which they should have administered to 5 people.
·         Once students have collected their data they will combine their data and make a graph representing their data.
·         One student will be the spokesperson for the group and they will explain their graph and the data they found.

·         Students will discuss the similarities and differences between the data found from the different groups.

·         Students will have put a graph together of their data and be able to explain it.