8 Planets Lesson Plan - Art Project

Grade: 3rd
Time: 25 minutes
Subject/Topic: Science/Planets
Standard: – Recognize that the Earth is one of several planets that orbit the sun, and that the moon orbits the Earth.
Objective: Students will learn the order of planets and that they orbit the sun.
·         Smartboard Notebook Lesson
·         Planet cut out sheets
·         Black Construction paper
·         Scissors
·         Glue sticks
·         Crayons/Markers
Introduction: Have the students sit on the floor in front of the smart-board. Ask the students if they can name all the planets. Remind them that all the planets (not just earth) revolve or orbit around the sun just like we demonstrated outside in class.
1.      Show the first slide on the smartboard and read off the names of the planets starting closest to the sun.
2.      Go to the next slide and have students think of how they could remember the order of the planets easier.
3.      Pull the tab on the right of the slide and read off the sentence. (MVEMJSUN)
4.      Go to the next slide and talk about the inner planets and how they are small, solid, and rocky.
5.      Go to the next slide and talk about the outer planets and how they are large, gaseous ones.
6.      Turn back to the first smartboard slide of the solar system picture.
7.      Tell the students they are going to be making their own solar system. Show them the planet cutouts and tell them they are going to cut/ color them. After they are finished, have them line up the planets in order and glue them to the big construction paper.
8.      Tell the students to make sure they put their name on the back of the paper.
9.      Pass out planet cutouts, construction paper, and glue sticks to the students.
10.  At the end of class have the students put their solar system art on the back counter to dry when they are finished.
Closure: Today we learned about the order of the planets from the sun but next time we will start an investigation on your planet of choice.
Assessment: Ask the students what the closest planet to the sun is and if they all orbit it.
Management/Transitions: Students will sit on the floor quietly then transition to their desks. Students will be seated in an appropriate spot, not by their friends to disturb the class. Management techniques will include “Give me five” and clapping.
ELL students will need the teacher or peers to read off the slides of the smart-board lesson.
Lower level learners will be guided in the class discussion by their peers and partners.
Higher level learners will be introduced to new, higher level vocabulary.