The Animal Kingdom Quiz

The Animal Kingdom
Circle the letter of the best answer.
1.      Chordates are animals that at some time in their lives had a large nerve
a.       Cartilage
b.      Cord
c.       Endoskeleton
d.      Appendage

2.      An animal that does not have a backbone is a(n)
a.       Vertebrate
b.      Exoskeleton
c.       Invertebrate
d.      Endoskeleton

3.      All vertebrates have a(n)
a.       Tentacle
b.      Backbone
c.       Molting
d.      Metamorphosis

4.      Some animals cannot move; like plants, they are
a.       Conifers
b.      Molting
c.       Sessile
d.      Extinct

5.      The process by which an animal changes its form completely at different stages of life is called
a.       Life span
b.      Reproduction
c.       External fertilization
d.      Metamorphosis

6.      Female mammals can produce milk from their
a.       Fur
b.      Mammary glands
c.       Eggs
d.      Sweat glands

7.      Vertebrates have a skeleton inside their bodies, which is known as a(n)
a.       Endoskeleton
b.      Mammary gland
c.       Shell
d.      Exoskeleton