Healthcare Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: How Health Care Changed Over Time
Subject Area: Health
Grade Level: 6th
Flexible Groups: Groups of two
Amount of Time needed: One time period of fifty minutes
Objective/purpose: Students will understand major advances in medical history by playing a matching game showing the evolution of health care.
Materials Needed:
Matching card game

Introduction/connecting to students: “Have you ever wondered what people did a hundred years ago when they broke their arm?” What if you got a cold, do you think stores sold Tylenol, or Nyquil? Technology changes the way we live on a daily basis. Today we are going to learn just how much things have changed in medical technology in the last hundred years.”
Teaching/learning procedures:
The students should be broken into even groups, preferably groups of two. Assign groups in an active way such as the game Click. Have the students play the matching game two times through.  Once the class had finished playing the games join as a whole group and hold a discussion. Some discussion questions that can be raised are:
What technology advances in this game surprised you?
Do you think you would be able to live a hundred years ago?
What do you think the life expectancy was a hundred years ago?
What medical advancements do you think we will have a hundred years from now?
Closure: The class discussion will finish the class.
Assessment: The student’s level of engagement during the game, and the class discussion can be graded by participation points.
Strategies to consider:
Spread the students out in the room so they can lay or sit on the floor comfortably.
Give the students the option to keep score.
Turn the memory game into a review session after previously learning about medical history.
Include medical advancements or inventions from other countries.