Chicken Sunday Lesson Plan

Grade: 3rd
Time:  50 minutes
Subject/Topic: Language Arts/ Chicken Sunday
Objective: Students will read and comprehend the story Chicken Sunday.
·         Chicken Sunday
·         Chicken Sunday worksheets
·         Vocabulary sheet
Introduction: Have the students sit on the floor in front of the smartboard. Ask the students if they have ever heard of the story Chicken Sunday. Ask them to predict what this story will be about.
1.      Introduce the stories vocabulary, ask them to guess what the word means.
2.      Ask the students if they see anything that would help us understand what the word means. (“ed,” verbs)
3.      Explain what each word means if they didn’t already know.
4.      Tell them they are going to be buddy reading the story Chicken Sunday and will also have a worksheet to fill out while reading it.
5.      Tell the students that they will be playing a game next class with this story so they should read carefully.
6.      Hand out worksheets and have the students grab a Celebrate book off the shelf.
7.      Have the low readers listen to an audio tape of the story.
8.      Have the students turn in their worksheets when they are finished.
9.      Stamina for the rest of the time.
Closure: Today we read about the story Chicken Sunday and next class we will be playing a game with it.
Assessment: Have the students turn in their Chicken Sunday worksheets.
Management/Transitions: Students will sit on the floor quietly then transition to their desks. Students will be seated in an appropriate spot, not by their friends to disturb the class. Management techniques will include “Give me five,” ringing a bell, and clapping.
Students that are lower readers will need to listen to the story on audio tape to help them keep up with the class. The rest of low readers will need guidance from a teacher to help read in a group..
Lower level learners will be guided in reading with their peers, teachers, or partners.
Higher level learners will be introduced to new vocabulary.