Racism/ Prejudice Lesson Plan For Children

3rd Grade Racism Lesson Plan

Looking for a racism lesson plan for a language artsunit? Here you will find three of the 5 day unit lesson plans for 3rd grade. It's important to start young for teaching about racism and discrimination in your classrooms. Incorporate a hands on activity as well as a good book to read.

Racism/Prejudice Lesson 

Goals: The students will learn the process of writing a paragraph and explore aspects of prejudice/ racism.
Time Required: 1-1 ½ hours
Materials: "Groark Learns About Prejudice" from the "Getting Along with Groark" series, video #5. Paper and pencils for students, an overhead or whiteboard for the teacher.

Introduction: The teacher will explain to the students that there are specific steps in the writing process for paragraphs.


First, the teacher will explain that the first stage is prewriting; that's when they think carefully and organize their ideas for their paragraph before they begin writing. The second stage is writing and that is when you turn your ideas into sentences. The third stage is editing which is when they check their paragraph for mistakes and correct them. The last stage is publishing and that's when they produce a final copy of their paragraph to hand in. (5 minutes)

After that the teacher will put in the movie "Groark Learns About Prejudice" which is about 28 minutes long. The teacher will then have the students gather in a group in the front of the room and discuss a couple questions such as "What is prejudice?" How is prejudice different from not liking someone? How many different forms of prejudice can you think of? Were any of the characters in the video victims of prejudice? In what ways?" (35-40 minutes)

Have the students go back to their desks and put up on an overhead these questions: How did Groark handle the situation with Essie and Burna? Was that a good way to do it? Are there other ways he could have handled it? What would you do if a friend of yours acted prejudiced toward someone else? What would you do if someone acted prejudiced toward you? What did you learn from this video? (the overhead is provided).

Tell the students that they have to pick three questions and make a web/outline (reviewing the pre-writing stage) with all their ideas. After they are done with that they will use their webs and outlines to construct two detailed paragraphs. (20 minutes)


Closure: Have students volunteer to read one of their paragraphs to the class and continue with any discussion that arises. Give letter to students to bring home to their parents and encourage them to tell them what they learned (letter is provided). (5-10 minutes)

Assessment/Evaluation: The teacher will evaluate students by reading their finished paragraphs by making sure they used proper grammar, punctuation, and wrote in the structured way they were taught.