Morning Meeting Lesson Plan For First Grade

Grade: 1st grade

            Have your students take one shoe off and set it in their laps quietly. The teacher will then model how to gently toss it in the middle of the circle. After the teacher tells them to, they will have to pick up one shoe that is not theirs from the circle and walk around saying “Good Morning (student’s name), is this your shoe?” to everyone until they find their match. Once the student finds their shoe and finds the owner of the other shoe, they can return to their chair to sit down.
Group Activity
            Today after a demonstration, our activity will start by counting off students, 1,2,1,2... then break into two smaller groups. Each student will take turns to pantomimes a favorite activity, as the group tries to guess what the student is gesturing. For an example a student may stand up and move their arms in a front crawl motion to gesture the activity of swimming. The class will guess what activity they are gesturing. After the class guesses the student tell the class when the guess correctly, sit down and allow the person to their right to have a chance. 
Idea from:
P. 193- Kriete, R. (1999) The morning meeting book. Green field, MA: Northeast Foundation for             Children           

Group Sharing
Today for the sharing portion of Morning Meeting we will have a few students share what their favorite movie/one of their favorite movies is.  To narrow down who shares, I will have those students whose birthday is in November stand up.  If there are not enough students I will change the month to December, January, etc. Those students who are standing will be the ones to share with their classmates.  Questions and comments will follow after a student shares.

Morning Message
good morning class. Today is February ___, 2010
today we will be going two the Zoo.
            For our morning meeting the students will sit in their chairs around the white board and I will then read the morning message to them. I will then say there are some errors that need to be fixed in this message. I will ask the students what do you think is missing from the date? And then I will have them add the date, then I will say students I think there are 3 more errors do you see them? I will have the students correct the t and g in sentences then have them fix the one that is a little more tricky and that would be the two. After the students have corrected all the sentences I will have the students read it together with me at the end.