Racism Elementary Lesson Plan

3rd Grade Racism Lesson Plan

Looking for a racism lesson plan for a language artsunit? Here you will find day two of the 5 day unit lesson plans for 3rd grade. It's important to start young for teaching about racism and discrimination in your classrooms. Incorporate a hands on activity as well as a good book to read.

Racism Lesson 

Goals: The students will learn the parts of a structured paragraph and address issues of racism.
Time Required: 1-1 hour and 10 minutes
Materials: The book "Black Like Kyra, White Like Me" by Judith Vigna (38 pages)

Introduction: First the teacher will explain that there are different parts to making a structured paragraph, just like making a sandwich.

Methods/ Procedures 

The teacher will explain the steps of writing a paragraph: starting with a topic sentence, adding supporting details, and ending with a closing sentence. Ask the students what they need to make a sandwich (top and bottom bread, relating to topic/ closing sentences) and the meat, mayo, lettuce, etc. (relating to the supporting details of the paragraph). Have them think about if they took one ingredient away, it just wouldn't taste as good (just like a paragraph wouldn't be complete). (5 minutes)

The teacher will then have the students sit on the floor in front of the classroom and begin reading the book "Black Like Kyra, White Like Me" which is 38 pages. After finished reading that, ask the discussion questions: What is racism? Are people born racist? What is your reaction to Kyra telling Christy that Matt and Julie don't want to play with her because she is black? Can you remember a time when you didn't become friends with someone because they were different from you? (30 minutes)

After discussion, have the students go back to their desks and write a letter (in three to four paragraphs) to Kyra's neighbors describing their feelings and how their actions impacted everyone negatively. After they have finished their letters, have them trade with a partner and underline the three components of their paragraphs (topic sentence, supportive details, and a closing sentence) while checking for grammar errors. (20 minutes)

Black Like Kyra, White Like Me Book 

Something the Lord Made

Something the Lord Made

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Black Like Kyra, White Like Me (An Albert Whitman Prairie Book)

Black Like Kyra, White Like Me (An Albert Whitman Prairie Book)

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Closure: Review how racism and being prejudiced affects everyone around them and impacts relationships (such as friends and family). (5 minutes)

Assessment/Evaluation: The teacher will evaluate the student's letters to Kyra's neighbors.